BikeYoke Divine vs Revive

BikeYoke designed both posts with different technologies to keep the posts firm. The Revive features a technology called Revive-Valve, with a small CNC lever or a 4mm Allen key you can quickly release air out of the chamber. You only have to turn the 4mm key or lever and push the post down by hand. This will automatically reset the hydraulic circuit to new I recently replaced a 160 Revive with a 185 Divine, and I am using them with the same cable and Wolftooth lever. I didn't do anything to the cable or lever other than a slight adjustment of length. They attach the same at the dropper end. There has been a slight change to the design, but it seems like an update to how it's manufactured more than anything. These posts are much more similar than. BikeYoke may market the Divine as a cheaper and less sophisticated version of the Revive but in practice, most people will hardly notice the difference on the trail. In addition, the auto-reset makes it even more user-friendly. Reliability, serviceability and availability of spare parts are all on par with the Revive The Divine shares the same Auto Revive feature as the Divine SL and Revive, which resets the post with each full compression/extension cycle. This eliminates some of the sagging at the top of the travel you get with some hydraulic posts. The Divine internals are also lighter and, like all BikeYoke posts, it can serviced by any home mechanic with some simple tools Evil Wreckoning, Large (2019): REVIVE/DIVINE 185 YES -> REVIVE MAX Wenn keine Angabe gemacht wird, dann wird sich automatisch auf die normale REVIVE in 30.9/31.6 bezogen. Farbliche Hervorhebung ist nicht notwendig, aber YES und NO ist ein Muss, um Missverständnisse und Versehen möglichst auszuschließen

BikeYoke Revive vs Divine - Dropperpost Comparison

Bike Yoke Devine (160mm) vs

  1. revive 2.0 213 Product No.: REV213 Shippingtime: in stoc
  2. They also boast that the hydraulic system of the Revive is basically maintenance-free. Their technology and promise of reliability come at a price though, as the Revive dropper post retails for $450. The BikeYoke Divine that we tested here comes in at an easier-to-stomach price point ($289 - $379), so we wanted to see if all the big promises of BikeYoke's $450 post would hold true as.
  3. Triggy und Triggy Alpha short geben ein etwas knackigeres Gefühl, welches wir bei BikeYoke für die REVIVES bevorzugen. Triggy X und Triggy Alpha long geben ein weicheres , sanfteres Hebelgefühl. Bei den DIVINE Modellen mit höherem Systemdruck empfehlen wir den Triggy X oder Alpha long - die Wahl liegt aber bei dir. Alle Triggys funktionieren mit all unseren Stützen
  4. That´s why BikeYoke´s REVIVE features a NON-IFP design, because we think it is too difficult - if not impossible - to make a really reliable design using an IFP. REVIVE only requires 2 dynamic seals in the hydraulic circuit: The shaft sealing and the main piston sealing for the lockout mechanism
  5. The Divine is a twin tube post just like BikeYoke's Revive model and in terms of basic design, they function in the same way. Push the button on the dropper remote and it smoothly actuates the lever arm at the bottom of the post. That lever pushes a long rod that opens a port. Sit on the saddle, oil flows through into the outer tube. Let off remote at desired post height. Unweight the saddle.
  6. BikeYoke. Price as reviewed: £390.00 . The Bike Yoke Revive is stunning, well made, easy to use and the most versatile post out there. It's also lightweight and reliable. >>> The best mountain bike dropper posts. The Bike Yoke Revive is our test winner from a year ago and while it remains unchanged Bike Yoke has added an additional 34.9mm size and there's also a new lightweight, short.

Regulowana sztyca BikeYoke Divine SL trafiła do nas pod koniec stycznia. Dla mniej wtajemniczonych czytelników dodamy, że BIkeYoke to niemiecka marka, która może pochwalić się ciekawym portfolio produktów. Trzon oferty stanowią droppery, ale poza nimi w katalogu znajdziemy też inne ciekawe pozycje. Przeważnie są to rozwiązania, które pozwalają tuningować rower i stanowią ewolucję fabrycznych patentów i komponentów. BikeYoke wytwarza m.in. części do. BikeYoke REVIVE/DIVINE - 100hr lower tube serviceATTENTION!This video is not exhaustive and does not necessarily show or describe all required steps to perfo.. BikeYoke posts feature an open bath design, which in the case of the Revive can be bled externally using the aforementioned reset valve. This design means that there is no need for an internal floating piston, and it also means you can run lower internal oil pressure. This removes a number of seals from the equation and it also does away with the number one cause of dropper post failure. Test: Mit der BikeYoke Revive Variostütze mischte der einstmals kleine Hersteller aus Deutschland im Jahr 2017 den Dropper-Post Markt auf. Damals noch ein Geheimtipp (und noch immer unsere Nummer.

BikeYoke says the Divine isn't quite as silky as the more expensive Revive, but it's a small difference - you'd need both side-by-side to make that judgment. Dropping the post requires only the most delicate of touches from your derrière, the action is light and quick with no need to heavily squat or overly weight the saddle to initiate movement In test: BIKEYOKE Divine. 13/05/2020. Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. WhatsApp. Linkedin. Email. Dopo aver presentato due anni fa il suo primo reggisella telescopico, il Revive, che abbiamo già avuto modo di testare, la tedesca BikeYoke lo scorso settembre ha poi introdotto il Divine, con il quale si prefigge come obiettivo il riproporre l'affidabilità del Revive ma ad un peso ridotto ed in. BikeYoke DIVINE SL - Lower Tube Service / Service der unteren Rohreinheit - YouTube. BikeYoke DIVINE SL - Lower Tube Service / Service der unteren Rohreinheit. Watch later The youngest offspring of BikeYoke´s dropper post family. Available fall 2018. www.bikeyoke.com Video and animation by http://clemensmaucksch.de

BikeYoke Divine Dropper Post Reviewed - NSMB

BikeYoke Divine dropper post review - MB

BikeYoke's Revive dropper post handily solves those issues and more. Revive Dropper Post Details • Hydraulic, infinite-position mechanism • Twin-tube design eliminates internal floating piston. One Up Dropper vs Bikeyoke Revive. Jump to Latest Follow REVIEWS DEALS BIKESHOPS TRAILS. 1 - 7 of 7 Posts. jazzanova · Registered. Joined Jun 1, 2008 · 3,413 Posts . Discussion Starter • #1 • Jul 2, 2018. Trying to decide between these 2.. The BikeYoke Revive 2.0 has been designed to be stronger as well as longer, while the Triggy Alpha dropper remote focuses on a refined feel and improved ergonomics. Related: The Best Dropper Post In 2020 BikeYoke Revive 2.0 Dropper Post. Functionally, the Revive 2.0 is the same but it gets a boost in strength for today's longer-stroke droppers. When it was introduced in 2017, BikeYoke's Revive. More recently, BikeYoke has grown a reputation for the Revive - a stupendously slick dropper post that was the first of its kind to feature a clever in-built reset valve, which allows users to bleed air out of the hydraulic cartridge without having to strip the whole thing apart. For anyone who's owned a dropper post that's turned into a pseudo-suspension seatpost after air worked its. BikeYoke Revive vs Divine - Dropperpost Comparison. leon; 30. March 2020; Bike Parts / News / Product Reviews; Today we are looking at two longtravel 185mm Dropperposts from BikeYoke. Revive vs Devine - Can they keep up with the hype and which one should you get? Find out right now! Continue Reading. 20 Christmas Gifts for Mountainbikers. leon; 2. December 2019 ; News; Find the Best.

BikeYoke REVIVE/DIVINE 185mm: Rahmenversenkbarkeit MTB

EB18: BikeYoke Divine SL teases lightweight, cut-to-size


BikeYoke presents its new REVIVE dropper post featuring one of the most brilliant design features in dropper design in many years. Revive will start with 125mm and 160mm options, infinitely. BikeYoke . Revive & Divine Dropper Posts • Self-serviceable dropper post with reset function • Non-IFP design. • 125mm,160mm & 185mm options • 30.9mm, 31.6mm & 34.9mm diameters • 'Triggy' One-By remote or regular push button . Featured Products. Divine Dropper Post 31.6. Seatposts come without remotes, you will need to purchase one separately . from £279.00 inc VAT. Sort By: Per. Obwohl die Bikeyoke Divine der Revive in einigen Punkten überlegen ist, bleibt die Revive trotzdem das Topmodell in der Produktpalette. Dies ist darauf zurückzuführen, dass die Revive der Divine in Sachen Bedienkräften am Remote-Hebel und bei der Absenkung ein gutes Stück überlegen ist und insgesamt die geschmeidigere Bedien-Haptik bietet ; BikeYoke ist stolzer Erstausrüster von. BikeYoke Divine auto-reset, adjustable travel dropper seatpost On the dropper post front, the Divine is the latest auto-resetting dropper post from BikeYoke. What that means is that the Divine will never need to have an internal cartridge replaced because of air getting into the hydraulics, since every time you send the post down & back up again, the air is automatically purged from the system

BikeYoke sells the Revive in three travel lengths: 125mm, 160mm (tested), and 185mm. Their posts use a short collar on the lower, fixed portion of the post, which allows them to eke out more travel for a given overall post length. For comparison, a 150mm Fox Transfer post measures 457mm from the rails to the bottom of the post. The 160mm Revive is 435mm, even with the extra drop. The Revive. BIKEYOKE Sattelstütze DIVINE ohne Remotehebel | 185 mm Wer eine zuverlässige Stütze mit genialer Bedienergonomie und -funktion, superber Verarbeitung, geringem Gewicht und der Option auf Hubreduktion sucht, hat nun endlich DAS passende Produkt gefunden: die BikeYoke DIVINE Sattelschütze.. Lediglich hinsichtlich Leichtgängigkeit und Bedienkomfort muss sie die Top-Stütze REVIVE leicht. The BikeYoke Divine Dropper Post is an impressive adjustable dropper post that's fully user-serviceable and rock-solid reliable thanks to its inbuilt auto-revive feature. The Divine takes the awesome revive feature of the Revive dropper post one step further and will automatically bleed the hydraulic circuit each time you drop the post so it will remain rock solid and sag-free BikeYoke is stirring up the dropper post market.The reset-button on the Revive enables the rider to bleed the post himself - even on the trail.Servicing the post is very easy and avoids downtime. The BikeYoke guys want you to be out playing on the bike instead of being trapped in the shop.In addition, the company from Munich, Germany offer clever solutions for shock adapters, the so called. Revive (3) Divine (1) Filter by brand. BikeYoke (1) Filter by price. £0 - £390. Additional Filters. Show in stock items only Show new items only. 38 products go reset. BikeYoke. Sort By: Per Page: Grid; List; BikeYoke #1. Bike Yolk #1. £95.00 inc VAT. info. BikeYoke #2.1. Bike Yolk #2.1. £95.00 inc VAT. info. BikeYoke #3. Bike Yolk #3. £95.00 inc VAT. info. BikeYoke #4. Bike Yolk #4. £95.

BikeYoke DIVINE has landed! The DIVINE is the new stablemate to the class leading Bike Yoke Revive. With a solid, measured action, it gives you the same build quality for a cheaper price-point, and further allows reduction of maximum extension (and drop) so you can get the most of the available travel without the need to opt for the shorter version. If the standard drop is slightly too long. bikeyoke Divine SL 80 mm Vario with Triggy Remote 1-fach black 31,6 mm / 400 mm / SB 0 mm Vario-Sattelstütze, schwarz, 400 mm Länge, Durchmesser 31.6 mm 1 Angebo Bereits ab 335,00 € Große Shopvielfalt Testberichte & Meinungen | Jetzt bikeyoke Divine SL Rascal Sattelstange günstig kaufen bei idealo.d The BikeYoke DIVINE need not fear comparison with the brand's best-selling post REVIVE. BikeYoke's Revive dropper post has been on the market for over 2 years now and seems to have, somewhat stealthily, achieved a very solid reputation for quality and durability. Indeed, when Andrew and Jeff took our review unit apart, they came away impressed. In his teardown article, Andrew described the unique design and quality build of the Revive so if you haven't yet, I recommend you.

Basierend auf der patentierten und preisgekrönten REVIVE-Technologie hat BikeYoke das Innenleben der DIVINE SL komplett auf den kürzeren Hub von 80 mm angepasst. BikeYokes DIVINE SL kann auch an anderen Bikes montiert und eingesetzt werden, allerdings wurde die DIVINE in ihren Eigenschaften speziell auf den Einsatz im XC und Marathon angepasst. Die DIVINE SL ist in der vollständig. BIKEYOKE Revive 2.0 185 - Testintro (& Montage): von c_g. Ehe ich euch den Komplettaufbau des TANTRUM 2.0 zeige, möchte ich noch ein neu hinzugekommenes Testprodukt vorstellen, das es definitv wert ist einen eigenen Post zu bekommen - die BIKEYOKE Revive 2.0 185 Dropper- Stütze.. Ich freue mich schon lange darauf mal einen ausführlichen Test mit dieser findigen Stütze zu machen, und. BikeYoke Revive/Divine Service Kit. Für die Revive und Divine bieten wir zwei unterschiedliche Service Kits an die entsprechend der Revision der Stütze zu wählen sind (siehe Bildgalerie). Das BikeYoke Revive/Divine Service-Kit enthält folgende Teile: 1x Abstreiferdichtung mit Federring; 6x Führungspin ; 1x Schaumstoffring; 1x Unteres IGUS Gleitlager; 1x Sicherungsring R12; Versandkosten. Das BikeYoke Sattelstützen-Servicekit #3 für die Revive, Revive 2.0 und Divine Sattelstütze mit 30,9 oder 31,6 mm Durchmesser dient der Rejustierung des seitlichen Spiels und zur Erneuerung des Abstreifers. Kompatible Modelle erkennst du an einem Metallfederring um die Dichtlippe und der passenden Seriennummer. Kompatibilität: - Sattelstützendurchmesser 30,9 mm oder 31,6 mm - Seriennummer.

bikeyoke Revive 185 mm with Triggy Remote 1-fach black 30,9 mm / 485 mm / SB 0 mm bikeyoke Divine 185 mm Vario w/o Remote black 31,6 mm / 485 mm / SB 0 mm Race Face Turbine R 30 Vorderrad 29 15x110m 1x BIKEYOKE Untere Rohreinheit für REVIVE/REVIVE Max/REVIVE 2.0/Divine Sattelstütze | 185 mm 1x Gleitlager 1x Abstreifer Hinweis: BikeYoke bietet Dir einen äußerst detailierten Internetauftritt mit sämtlichen Informationen und Videos zu Funktionsweise, Spezifikationen, Bedienung, FAQ, Service/Wartung, Kompatibilität und Problembehebung

BikeYoke Divine Seatpost Vital Review Tested: BikeYoke Divine 185 (product review) In 2016, when BikeYoke released their first dropper post - the Revive, they shot straight to the top of the heap thanks to a particularly innovative feature that let riders easily bleed the internals using an external valve, a process that took no more than 10 seconds to complete with a simple a. BikeYoke Sattelklemmschraube Revive, Divine REVIVE - Originale Ersatzteile! Sattelklemmbolzen Passend für Revive, Divine

BikeYoke DIVINE Im Erstkontakt Cycleholi

Bikeyoke Titan Sattelklemmschrauben für REVIVE / DIVINE bei ROSE Bikes. ★ Individueller Service ★ Schnelle Lieferung ★ Über 110 Jahre Tradition. Überzeuge dich selbst Lower Tube Service Bikeyoke Revive / Divine Thx Knurświny for this great service video Das BikeYoke Sattelstützen-Servicekit #2 für die Revive, Revive 2.0 und Divine Sattelstütze mit 30,9 oder 31,6 mm Durchmesser dient der Rejustierung des seitlichen Spiels und zur Erneuerung des Abstreifers. Kompatible Modelle erkennst du an einem Metallfederring um die Dichtlippe und der passenden Seriennummer. Kompatibilität: - Sattelstützendurchmesser 30,9 mm oder 31,6 mm - Seriennummer.

The BikeYoke seatpost service kit #2 for the Revive, Revive 2.0 and Divine seatpost with 30.9 or 31.6 mm diameter serves to readjust the lateral play and to renew the wiper. Compatible models can be identified by a metal spring ring around the sealing lip and a matching serial number. Compatibility: - Seat post diameter 30.9 mm or 31.6 mm - Serial number without QR code consists only of. BikeYoke Revive / Divine ø 34.9 mm Servicekit :1. (BikeYoke Ersatzteile) günstig kaufen, 22.00 CHF bei deinem Schweizer Online Bike Shop, über 20000 zufri.. 3rd, 4th, and 5th place: BikeYoke Divine ($379), OneUp Dropper V2 ($250), FOX Transfer V2 ($414) After earning so much popularity with its reset valve on the Revive, BikeYoke promptly went a made a version that does away with the need for an external valve thanks to an internal mechanism that resets the post automatically each time you drop it. It's a tiny bit less smooth than the best-in-test. The BikeYoke REVIVE 185 is beautifully made and comes with a host of clever features. With a low stack height, it also features one of the smoothest actions in this test. If you appreciate intelligent engineering and don't mind the occasional need to 'revive' your post, the BikeYoke REVIVE 185 is a class act. Tops. beautifully made; light action and damped stroke; great remote; Flops. BikeYoke Divine Dropper Seatpost BikeYoke say that when designing the new Devine they figured out a way to make the Revive's venting process automatic. Better still, the design team also found.

New BikeYoke Divine SL Dropper weighs less than 350g. BikeYoke's popular Revive dropper post runs reliably with a built in bleeding function, and they have had lots of requests for a shorter travel, reliable and superlight dropper post for the Marathon and XC riding and racing. BikeYoke did their homework, to figure out the exact demands for a short travel and light weight post. The spoke. REVIVE-DIVINE-160 im Album BikeYoke. News-Artikel zu diesem Foto. Eurobike 2019: Bikeyoke - Innovativer Sattel Sagma und neue Divine Variostütze (18.09.2019) Noch keine Kommentare.. The Revive represents such a different take on dropper post functionality that Bike Yoke may as well have called it the Departure--as in, a departure from what we've come to expect. Namely, dropper posts that operate with an Internal Floating Piston (IFP) design, which is used to keep oil and air separate in the hydraulic system. If your dropper has ever inspired trail-side expletives, chances. BikeYoke went against the 'norm' when they designed the Revive dropper post. Available in the common sizes and drop options, it was designed purely with reliability and performance in mind. The key to the Revive's success is the NON-IFP (internal floating piston) design. Standard IFP droppers rely on seals to perform 100% of the time. As you may have experienced, that's not always the case.

DIVINE - BikeYok

שלטים ומתאמים למוט כיסא . Triggy . DeHe Bike Yoke has recently made some subtle updates to the award-wining Revive dropper, now known as the Revive 2.0. Perhaps the most interesting change is a 213mm drop length in addition to the 125, 160, and 185mm models in their line. The stanchion and head of the post are now a single piece, as opposed to the 2-piece construction of the original, and a new CNC actuator sits at the bottom of the. BikeYoke was founded in 2016 from 2 industry insiders and MTB maniacs with the goal of producing not... See More. Community See All. 4,395 people like this. 4,623 people follow this. 3 check-ins . About See All. Jella-Lepman-Str. 39 (5,231.67 mi) Munich, Germany, 81673. Get Directions +49 176 20810848. Contact BikeYoke on Messenger. www.bikeyoke.com. Product/Service · Mountain Biking Shop. BikeYoke Revive/Divine/SL foam ring kit. 49,00 kr. Foam ring kit till BikeYoke Revive/Divive/SL. Kan restnoteras. BikeYoke Revive/Divine/SL foam ring kit mängd. Lägg i varukorg. Kategori: Komponenter. Beskrivning Beskrivning. Replacement foam rings and bottom out bumper for your BikeYoke dropper post. The foam ring in the lower tube of your BikeYoke dropper post is a crucial components, that. BikeYoke Servicekit Revive / Divine (ø30.9/31.6 mm): Servicekit für BikeYoke Revive Stützen. (Abstreifring OHNE Federring

Genau, wie bei allen anderen BikeYoke-Stützen wurde auch bei der DIVINE SL großes Augenmerk auf Zuverlässigkeit und Servicebarkeit gelegt. Ein manuelles Entlüften, wie bei der REVIVE, ist bei dem kurzen Hub der DIVINE aufgrund der geänderten Konstruktion nicht mehr nötig. Die DIVINE SL kann mit Standard-Werkzeugen zerlegt und wieder zusammengebaut werden. Alle Ersatz- und Serviceteile. Tested: BikeYoke Divine 185 Dropper Post. Vital MTB 2020-02-24T09:51:08-07:00 Feb 22, 2020 Parts reviews, products, @BikeYoke, droppers. In 2016, when BikeYoke released their first dropper post - the Revive, they shot straight to the top of the heap thanks to a particularly innovative feature that let riders easily bleed the internals using an external valve, a process that took no more than. BikeYoke Revive + Divine Foot Assembly :: From $30.00 :: BikeYoke Seatpost Parts :: UniversalCycles.com - 30,000+ mountain & road cycling parts. Online & in Portland Oregon since 1997. West Coast, East Coast & Midwest warehouses. Retail Stores in Portland, Oregon and Lancaster, Pennsylvania. MENU . Contact Us View Cart. 800.936.5156. All Products. Welcome, Guest User Log In | Order Status.

BikeYoke Tonnenmutter Sattelklemme Revive, Divine REVIVE - Originale Ersatzteile! Tonnenmutter Sattelklemmung Passend für Revive, Divine Levo FSR 2017 Rahmengröße S minimale Einbauhöhe für Bikeyoke Revive oder Divine. Ersteller 007BVK; Erstellt am 4. Juni 2020 ••• Weitere Who Replied? 0. 007BVK Neues Mitglied. 4. Juni 2020 #1 Ich würde dem Levo FSR Alu Comp 2017 Rahmengröße S meiner Frau gerne eine Sattelstütze mit mehr Absenkung spendieren. Hat jemand eine der beiden Bikeyoke stützen in 125mm verbaut und könnte.

BikeYoke Revive: Exklusiver Test der neuen Variostütz

BikeYoke Divine Dropper Seatpost /w Remote Whoever has been looking for a reliable dropper with brilliant ergonomics and function, superb finish quality, low weight and travel reduction, now finally can stop searching:BikeYoke DIVINE has landed!Only in terms of smoothness DIVINE can not quite match the class leading REVIVE. However, you will only notice, if you´ve ever experienced the. bikeyoke Revive 160 mm with Triggy Remote 1-fach black 31,6 mm / 435 mm / SB 0 mm. ab 355, 00 € bikeyoke Revive 185 mm with Triggy Remote 1-fach black 34,9 mm / 485 mm / SB 0 mm. BikeYoke REVIVE 2.0 160 mm Dropper Post Sattelstütze 31,6mm inkl. Remote. EUR 389,95 + EUR 10,00 Versand. eBay Plus . Campagnolo Chorus Aero Seat Post / ø 27,2 / 240g / 160 mm/ Sattelstütze Record C. EUR 120,00 + EUR 8,99 Versand. eBay Plus. Kalloy fluted Seatpost Sattelstütze Patentstütze 26.4 mm / 160 mm Länge. EUR 26,50 + Versand. BikeYoke DIVINE SL Dropper Post Vario Sattelstütze 31. BikeYoke DIVINE In terms of smoothness DIVINE can obviously not quite match the class leading REVIVE due to the different hydraulic system. But DIVINE still gives you outstanding build quality for a cheaper price-point and further allows travel reduction so you can get the most of the available travel without the need to opt for a shorter version, if the standard drop is slighlty too long for

BikeYoke Revive / Divine ø 30.9/31.6 mm, Servicekit :2 (Abstreifring MIT Federring). (BikeYoke Ersatzteile) günstig kaufen, 22.00 CHF bei deinem Schweizer.. Bikeyoke Revive Max Bike Yoke 185 Vs Test 125 Mabikeyoke 200 160 Dropper Post Outdoor Gear. Edna Marks Outdoor Gear August 22nd, 2020 - 15:57:29. If you are searching for a large backpack, for example, and a smaller sized one catches your eye or is heavily reduced, then it is tempting to purchase. Do try to think through what you are going to be using the equipment for and whether the money. BikeYoke Revive Ersatzteil gemäss Explosionszeichnung (PDF). Service BikeYoke Revive, deutsch: JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Sie müssen JavaScript in Ihrem Browser aktivieren, um alle Funktionen in diesem Shop nutzen zu können

BikeYoke Divine - 125 / 160 / 185mmDropper Post Archives - Singletrack MagazineEvery Ride Mountainbike Maintenance Tasks - 6 Tips
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